About Us

Dragon Design has been designing and hosting web sites since the early days of basic html sites and has evolved with the latest technologies along the way. With us you can be sure that the standard of coding, security and additional extras are above and beyond that which you may find on other platforms and at reasonable costs for your web site or web services whilst ensuring your satisfaction at every stage.

We aim to keep our sites clean and crisp and like to ensure that your corporate identity is used clearly, as to promote your brand throughout all of your marketing material.

Once you choose Dragon Design & Development for your website we will be available via telephone or email to support you throughout the build process and for the lifetime of your website. We believe strongly in good customer service and in building a friendly relationship with you.

    Mission Statement

    We believe in creating a great first impression and in making your website work for your business at the same time. It is no good having a 'flashy website' if nobody finds it.

    We enable every customer to make the small changes to their web content and do not try to tie you in to every little change. We would rather your business flourished and you saved your technology budget for bigger and better additions.


    We are a small outfit which we believe makes us lean and able to re-focus quickly as technologies change. Our lead developer is Andrew Gregory, for more information take a look at his LinkedIn Profile


    We provide web and application development service primarily. Our design services are usually handled by one of our partner companies.


    When is now ! Contact us for a free consultancy session.

    Due to the way we build websites utilising the latest technology your website can be live in weeks, not months.